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Bytecoin AMA Event [FULL SUMMARY] Pt1 Hardfork, Github, Partnerships

Published on 21 Apr 2018 / In Cryptocurrency

Hello, Dear Bytecoin enthusiasts!

Thank you so much for visiting and MANY thanks to the ones who participated in the Bytecoin Ask Me Anything Event this past Tuesday.
After reading over 70-80 questions, I was sure of one thing- Bytecoin community truly cares and believes in the World's First Anonymous and Untraceable Currency.

I waited for all of the questions to be submitted and have gathered all of the info from the Q&A on the Reddit Page:

Here are a couple of questions that I did not find a direct answer to in the thread:
1. When can we expect the anon tokens to be picked up again and included in the roadmap?
2. Will you do a reverse split?
3. What's happening with DStrange? Did he got bored with Bytecoin? He was quite good as community person.

There were also a couple of questions that were redundant in the sense of new info- so I have set them aside, and selected a similar, more inclusive, question.

1. Is the hard fork just a new better wallet? Not a new token
2. What exactly will consist of the hard fork?
3. What is real purpose of hardfork? I mean, we are going to watch how a new coin is going to be born, or you are going to increase or decrease emission?
4. What will be in detail the improvements after the hard fork?
5. When will you realize Atomic Swap technology in bytecoin?

Do feel free to share any new piece of information that I might have missed.

Plenty more to come!

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